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Richard Bowditch lives in Brooklyn with his wife, two daughters, a dog named Sadie, three cats, and a turtle. Taking pictures is the only thing that makes him as happy as being at home. 

I started taking pictures as a freshman at Stanford. After graduating, I began my career shooting for the late, great Gourmet Magazine, and for the still great W Magazine. Since that time, I've shot all over the world for corporations and agencies including JWT, Ogilvy, Merck and The Hartford.

My job is to find something compelling about whatever it is I'm shooting -- portrait, lifestyle, food or travel--and then to render it effectively so that others can see it too.

I've learned a few things. Among them, that good collaborators make good pictures. It makes sense that you cannot make a good shot without some give and take between subject and photographer. The same could be said about working with clients.

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